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Top 5 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating – Technology Edition

Our top five tell-tale signs to know if your spouse is cheating on you in the digital age.

#1 of 5: Changing Passwords

If your spouse suddenly changes his or her pass codes, especially on social media, email, and bank accounts. Your spouse does not want you to have access to his/her now “secret and protected” life.

#2 of 5: Airplane Mode

If your spouse’s phone is always in Airplane Mode. When your spouse sets his/her cell phone to Airplane Mode, he/she is turning off their WiFi and cellular connection. That means no incoming calls or text messages. This avoids your spouse having to come up with a quick “explanation” for any new or blocked phone calls or worse…compromising photos.

#3 of 5: Dead Phone Battery

If your spouse’s phone battery seems to always be dead. When calls always seem to go right to voicemail – which is often full – he/she is trying hard to remain off-the-grid from you and his/her new mate.

#4 of 5: Deletes Social Media Accounts

If your spouse deletes his/her social media accounts. The last thing your spouse wants to discuss is a rash of new DM or friend requests from members of the opposite sex. This also provides him/her protection from unsolicited (and inculpatory) photos.

#5 of 5: Changes to iCloud Account

If your spouse changes his iCloud account. iCloud is a cloud computing service offered by Apple that synchronizes a user’s devices such as the user’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac Book. The purpose of the service is to connect the user’s devices so that the user can go back and forth from one device to another in real time and without having to save anything.

Default settings on Apple devices allow synced text messages, calendar entries and photos to appear on top of a locked device. Even if an iPad is left at home locked with a password, the messages can still be reviewed by anyone looking at the screen. If your spouse suddenly changes the default settings to remove iCloud and the family sharing features from his/her devices, your spouse may be cheating on you.

 Top 5 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating   Technology Edition
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