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Lyons Snyder Collin are Boward County’s foremost injury attorneys and as such have notable recent victories for our clients in the area. Some of the conditions of the settlements have required confidentiality, however for those that allow detail, they are listed below.

  • $1,000,000.00 resolution:   T-Bone Accident

    • Confidential Settlement


  • $445,000.00 resolution:   Rear-End Accident and Diminished Value

    • A car ran a red light and rear-ended our elderly client in Boca Raton.   Our client was recommended for a cervical disc replacement just weeks before the crash.    Our client underwent the same cervical disc replacement post-crash.   The defense argued our client’s injuries were pre-existing.   We were able to convince the insurance company that our client’s pre-crash injuries were manageable; post-crash, our client exhibited significant myelopathy, including weakness in his legs.   The defense reluctantly agreed and paid top dollar for the claim.    Our client’s vehicle – a classic car – also suffered property damage.   We were also able to recover the vehicle’s diminished value as a result of the crash.
  • Wrongful Death:  Car Accident: $1,250,000

    • Confidential Settlement
  • Wrongful Death:  Negligent Hiring: $1,250,000

    • Confidential Settlement
  • Trucking Accident:   $905,000

    • A tractor-trailer rear-ended our clients at a high rate of speed on the highway, causing a multi-vehicle pile-up.  The defense disputed liability claiming a malfunction with their leased vehicle.    Our attorneys sought to preserve the tractor-trailer’s EDR/black box to determine its speed upon breaking.   Our expert downloaded the EDR/black box.  The results from the EDR/black box solidified our case that the truck driver was negligent; there was no malfunction with the equipment.   With the results from the EDR/black box, the defense conceded on liability.   As the defense was left without anyone to point the finger at, the case settled in-suit.
  • Head on Crash:  $815,000

    • An SUV negligently attempted to make a left turn on a green light.  The at-fault driver did not account for our driver’s speed proceeding through the green light.  Our client had the right of way and could not avoid crashing almost head on into the at-fault driver.    Our client suffered a number of injuries to his neck, back and wrists.  Our client had a number of pre-existing injuries, which were all exacerbated / aggravated.   The defense claimed our driver was negligent and that his injuries were pre-existing.   The case resolved almost 4 years post-crash for 10x the defense’s initial pre-suit offer.
  • Rear-End Box Truck Accident: $615,000

    • A box truck struck our college-aged client in the left rear quarter panel on I-595.    Our client did not believe he was injured and went to work that day.   Our client first saw a chiropractor for minor neck pain 11 days post-crash.     Our client’s injuries progressively got worse.   The insurance company’s initial pre-suit offer was $23,000.00.   The defense argued a delay in initial treatment, insignificant original complaints and that our client played football in high school.   In suit, the defendant’s doctor claimed our client’s injuries were pre-existing / attributable to playing football.  After we deposed the defense’s doctors, the case settled one week before trial for almost 27x the defense’s initial offer .
  • T-Bone Pick-Up Truck Accident: $575,000

    • A pickup truck negligently turned left on a green light; our client had the right of way.  The defense contested liability claiming our client ran a red light while speeding.  Our client was transported to the hospital.  The ER doctor noted that our client did not report any injuries to his neck, only his chest.   Subsequently, our client later treated for neck pain.   The insurance company’s pre-suit offer was $8,000.00.   The defendant was in the course and scope of his job.   After taking the deposition of the defendant and his manager, the Court granted us leave to amend to seek punitive damages.  The case settled soon thereafter for almost 72x the defendant’s pre-suit offer.
  • Rear-End Car Accident: $525,000

    • Our client was rear-ended at a high-rate of speed.    Our client suffered numerous injuries to her neck, back and shoulder.   The defense unsuccessfully argued that our client’s treatment was unnecessary and that our client was exaggerating her injuries.   The defendant’s doctor issued our client a 0% impairment rating.  The case settled at mediation.
  • Head-On / T-bone Car Accident: $500,000

    • Our client was proceeding through a green light.  The at-fault driver was turning left on a green light.  Our client had the right of way.  Our client could not avoid the at-fault driver.    The at-fault unsuccessfully argued comparative liability and that our client’s injuries were pre-existing.   Prior to our case, our client underwent a fusion to her cervical spine.   The case settled pre-suit.
  • Rear-End Trucking Accident: $415,000

  • Our client was struck in the right rear quarter panel by a dump truck.  Despite the mass of the dump truck, there was only minor property damage.   The defense disputed liability.  The litigation was contentious.   The defense hired an expert – a mechanical engineer – to claim that our client could not have been injured in this crash.  Our attorneys convinced the Court to severely limit the defendant’s expert from testifying to the mechanism of injuries.  The case settled a week before trial for 10x the defendant’s pre-suit offer.
  • Rear-End Car Accident: $410,000

  • Our client was rear-ended in Plantation, less than a mile from our office.   Our client was not a surgical candidate, but required routine painful injections in his spine and back.  The defendant’s doctor claimed our client did not suffer a permanent injury and that the injections were unnecessary.   On the eve of trial, the case settled for approximately 11x the initial pre-suit offer.
  • Multi-Car Pileup: $380,000

    • Our client was vehicle 3 in a multi-vehicle pile-up.  Although our client’s injuries were significant, her vehicle only exhibited minimal property damage.  The defendant’s pre-suit offer was $2,300.00.  Two years later, the case settled for 165x the defendant’s pre-suit offer.
  • Side-Swipe Car Accident: $350,000

    • Our elderly client was involved in a low-end collision in a parking lot in Boca Raton.   Our client had a number of pre-existing injuries.   Our client ultimately required a disc replacement at C5-6.    We convinced the insurance company that our client’s injuries were acute and/or exacerbated and not pre-existing.  The insurance company tendered their policy limits pre-suit.
  • Rear-End Car Accident: $335,000

    • The at-fault driver rear-ended our client on Glades Road in Boca Raton.   Our client treated conservatively for 4 years.  Our client was not a surgical candidate, but reported significant pain in her hands and feet.    On the eve of trial, the defense raised their offer almost $100,000.00 and the case settled.
  • T-Bone Car Accident: $325,000

    • A 16 year old driver t-boned our client in Coral Springs while turning left through an intersection.   Doctors initially diagnosed our client with a bulge at L4-5.    Our client did not respond to treatment, however.    Two years later, our client underwent a thoracic MRI which showed a small herniation at T11-12.   Months later our client underwent a thoracic fusion at T11-12 .   The defense’s expert argued that the thoracic findings were pre-existing and that the initial doctor diagnosed a lumbar injury and not a (pre-existing) thoracic injury.   After a contentious litigation, the case settled on the eve of trial.
  • Side-Swipe Car Accident: $275,000

    • Confidential Settlement
  • T-Bone Car Accident: $260,000

    • A negligent driver attempted to “inch out” between traffic to make a u-turn.   Thinking the coast was clear, the negligent driver floored her vehicle in our client’s vehicle.   The defendant’s doctor claimed our client’s injuries were pre-existing despite the significant property damage. The case resolved at mediation.
  • Side-Swipe Car Accident: $250,000

    • A reckless driver side-swiped our client’s vehicle in Plantation while attempting to cross 3 lanes of traffic.  Prior to retaining our firm, our client almost accepted the insurance company’s offer of $3,500.00.  The case eventually settled for policy limits.
  • T-Bone Car Accident: $250,000

    • A reckless driver plowed into our young client at a high rate of speed.   The case settled for policy limits.
  • Negligent Hiring / Negligent Retention: $250,000

    • Confidential Settlement.

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