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Car Accident | Do I have to use my PIP coverage?

In Florida, YOUR auto insurance (PIP coverage) will pay for your medical treatment.

You have been injured in a car accident, and thinking…

“Why is my doctor asking for MY auto insurance information AND my health insurance information?”

If you own or lease a vehicle in Florida, you are required by law to have a minimum amount of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection coverage (“PIP”). Florida is a “No-Fault State”. As such, following a car accident, your medical providers should bill your PIP coverage as your PRIMARY insurance; your medical professional should bill PIP BEFORE your health insurance.

Your auto insurance (PIP) will be responsible for 80% of your reasonable medical expenses related to the accident and 60% of your lost earnings subject to the limits of the coverage and any applicable deductible (or up to the specified policy limit).

During settlement or trial, our attorneys will seek to recover your past and future medical expenses (including any PIP balances), past and future lost wages and past and future pain and suffering.

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 Car Accident | Do I have to use my PIP coverage?

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