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Drug Crimes

South Florida criminal defense attorneys Philip M. Snyder and Marc P. Lyons provide courtroom defense for people charged with serious felony and misdemeanor drug charges throughout South Florida.

Fight fire with fire.

In recent years, the Florida Legislature has increasingly prosecuted individuals charged with drug offenses. Commonly, State Attorney’s Offices have created Specialized Units comprising of veteran Assistant State Attorneys to prosecute suspected offenders of drug offenses. Police agencies in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Sunrise have assigned special task force officers to actively pursue suspected drug users, dealers, and cultivators.

As former Lead Felony Prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office, Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder have prosecuted thousands of individuals charged with drug offenses from simple possession to drug trafficking. We know the tactics utilized by police and prosecutors to secure convictions. Just as valuable, the drug crime attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin are familiar with the complex statues, motions, and penalty enhancements associated with drug related crimes.

Creative solutions to complex issues.

The Fort Lauderdale drug crime attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin will take the time to discuss the most effective options to handle your case, including the ramifications of accepting a plea and possible alternative sentences including drug rehabilitation and counseling. We may suggest our clients enroll in Drug Court or Pre-Trial Diversion which provides an alternative to the traditional criminal sentence. Upon successful completion of these programs, the Court will dismiss your case, leaving you with no criminal record.

Knowledge is power.

The State Attorney’s Office will file criminal charges against individuals in possession of small or even trace amounts of illegal drugs. These types of cases, often referred to as “Residue” cocaine cases, carry with it a maximum prison sentence of five (5) years in Florida State Prison and a two year driver’s license suspension. Possession over four (4) grams or more of oxycodone or hydrocodone (just a few pills) carry with it a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of three (3) years in Florida State Prison, a two year driver’s license suspension, and a fine of $50,000.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin have experience handling every type of issue including confidential informants, undercover police officers, and covert recording devices. We will often prepare innovative motions to suppress illegally seized evidence or statements obtained in violation of your fourth Amendment rights.

Experience equals results.

The drug attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin are familiar with the law concerning possession, sale / delivery, and trafficking of drug offenses. Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder aggressively advocate our client’s position to the State Attorney’s Office before a case filer reaches a decision. Our drug crime attorneys always request the State Attorney’s Office not to file enhanced charges that include more sever penalties.

The drug lawyers at Lyons, Snyder & Collin thoroughly prepares vigorous defenses for clients facing State and Federal charges of:

  • Possession of Drugs
  • Sale/Manufacture/Deliver Drugs
  • Cultivation of Drugs
  • Trafficking of Drugs
  • Writing Prescriptions Illegally
  • Obtaining Drugs by Fraud


Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys Philip M. Snyder and Marc P. Lyons are committed to providing their clients with innovative defenses and aggressive negotiation tactics in all drug offenses. We explore every option, investigate the prosecution’s case to identify weaknesses, and ensure that you receive the defense you need to get results!  Additionally, our criminal attorneys are frequent commentators on CNN, HLN and FOX News in the field of criminal defense, including drug crimes.

Contact the Fort Lauderdale drug crime attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 954.462.8035 for your free consultation.

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