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Quick Guide On Taking Photos Of All Vehicles In An Accident

By Philip M. Snyder

Why taking photos of all vehicles helps your case

There are few things worse than being involved in a car accident – especially a car accident that it is not your fault.

A million thoughts race through your head such as, “Am I injured?”, “Who will pay for the damage to my car?” and “How much work will I miss fixing my vehicle and attending medical appointments?”

That being said, provided you do not need immediate medical assistance and assuming someone has already contacted 911 to report the accident, the first thing you should do is take pictures of the vehicles.

Memorialize the cars involved in the accident Image result for taking pictures at car accident

Remember to take pictures from all angles of your vehicle AND the at-fault vehicle.

These pictures will memorialize what the vehicles looked like immediately after the accident.

These pictures can be introduced to show what the at-fault’s vehicle looked like in the event the police report is:

  • Lacking information
  • Under-estimates the damage
  • Does not list which driver is at-fault (usually vehicle #1 on the crash report)

Many times the police will include a damage amount markedly less than the actual damage.

These pictures may also disclose valuable information to your personal injury lawyer about the driver such as a bumper sticker (i.e. marijuana leaf) or the name of a company (i.e. work vehicle).

If the driver is on the job, you may be able to seek damages from the driver’s employer.


Pictures of the license plate may help the police locate a driver who decides to leave the scene of an accident – this unfortunately happens more than you would think, especially in the early morning hours (i.e. drunk drivers).

Finally, and sometimes most importantly, these pictures could be used in the event the driver claims that his vehicle suffered little-to-no damage from the accident (i.e. the vehicle is repaired before their adjuster can take pictures of the damage), the driver claims he was not at-fault (i.e. you turned into him), or if the driver’s vehicle shows proof of multiple prior accidents.

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