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Picking Better Doctors That Treat Injuries From An Accident

By Philip M. Snyder

Searching high and low for better doctors after a car accident

I am oftentimes surprised that clients injured in a car accident believe that all car accident doctors are considered the same despite the fact that some doctors are clearly better than others for theirbest doctor after a car accident lawyer lyon snyder collin Plantation FL 33324 car accident case.

Believe it – some doctors are better than others

Some doctors are bad for an individual injured in a car accident as these doctors are:

  • Overly conservative/liberal with their feelings on surgery
  • Frequently used as defense experts for the insurance companies
  • Predominately handle worker’s compensation cases for the defense
  • Not performed a surgery in over a decade
  • Will not see patients on a letter of protection
  • Will not bill PIP
  • Will not accept your health insurance (Hmmm?)
  • Will make you wait hours to see the doctor
  • Will not schedule an appointment for weeks, if not months

There are some others are just not good for treatment

Additionally, some doctors are simply “bad doctors” who (1) are overly aggressive with treatment/surgery; (2) will over-treat the patient and run through their available PIP coverage; (3) have malpractice complaints filed against them; (4) inexperienced.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help fix this mess

An experienced personal injury attorney can help navigate your treatment and discuss your options for care.   

Sometimes initially treating with a chiropractor or physiatrist is better than treating with an orthopedic surgeon – especially before sitting for an MRI.  Sometimes going to the hospital is the best better doctors car accident lawyer Lyons Snyder Collin Plantation FL 33324option, other times it is preferable to treat with a chiropractor or physical therapist.   

Typically, a personal attorney will not encourage you to see a “specific” doctor, but provide a list of a few local doctors who will see you promptly and will accept your insurance. Ultimately, it should always be the clients’ choice as to where they treat.  

That being said, an experienced personal injury attorney can share his/her experiences with certain doctors as relayed to them by their clients.

Receive treatment through your auto insurance (PIP)

Regardless of which doctor you see it is important to receive treatment within 14 days after a car accident so you do not lose your PIP benefits. 

Remember, Florida is a “no fault” state.  

Your PIP coverage will pay for your initial medical treatment after a car accident.  Always advise the doctor – even at a hospital – that you were involved in a car accident so they bill your PIP and not your health insurance.   Importantly, never speak with the at-fault insurance adjuster before speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you have any questions about which doctor to treat with after a car accident, call personal injury attorneys, Marc Lyons and Philip Snyder, at Lyons, Snyder & Collin for a free consultation.