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Car Accidents During Football Season

By Philip M. Snyder

Are you ready for Football Season?!

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Photo courtesy of USA Today

Football season is finally here!

Nothing is better than tailgates, BBQ, and cheering on your Dolphins, Hurricanes, Seminoles, and Gators. (Boom!)

Unfortunately, with football season comes an increase in car accidents – including the three deadliest months of the year for drunk driving accidents – and hit and run accidents.

As many of you know, approximately 25% of all South Florida drivers are uninsured.

This does not take into account another 25%-50% of drivers who purchased minimal bodily injury coverage (i.e. $10,000.00) from a cut-rate carrier like Infinity, Windhaven, or United.

Also, football fans from other states travel to South Florida to cheer on their team and to leave their cold weather.

Do you want to get on the road after a Miami Dolphins win with these characters? Do you think that these fanatics have insurance if they crash into your vehicle?



If you are involved in a car accident with someone who is uninsured or under-insured, you will not be properly compensated for your medical bills or pain and suffering – unless you purchased uninsured motorist coverage. “Full coverage” is not the same as uninsured motorist coverage. Talk to your insurance agent or call one of our personal injury attorneys to explain the difference.

Finally, if you are involved in a car accident – even at the stadium – make sure you call the police to report the accident. Do not let your fellow fan make you “feel bad” for calling the police by claiming that “they’ll pay for the damages” or “their insurance will go up”. These same fans will “go dark” in the event you call them to later request their insurance information or, worse yet, claim the accident was your fault.

Wishing everyone a safe football season and hoping to see our Dolphins in the playoffs again!

If you are involved in a car accident – especially with a division rival – please call our personal injury attorneys at 954.462.8035 for a free consultation.