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Auto Accidents With Snowbirds Increase In The Winter Months

By Philip M. Snyder

What South Florida should know about snowbirds and auto accident

Auto accidents increase in South Florida during the winter months.

One reason is the migration of “snowbirds” to South Florida. A snowbird is a northerner who moves to a warmer state during the winter.

Snowbirds love to come to the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, such as Weston, Plantation, Coral Springs and Parkland, to be close to their children and grandchildren.

You can typically spot a snowbird by looking for behemoth vehicles – usually Cadillac’s and Lincolns from the early 2000’s – with out-of-state license plates (New York and Canadian plates are Image result for snowbird floridacommon in South Florida).

Snowbirds are typically poor drivers & increase the chances for auto accidents for the following reasons:

  • Elderly
  • Drive only a few months out of the year
  • Their vehicles lack current safety features such as rear-view cameras
  • They are not familiar with the roads
  • They have poor eyesight and hearing – the sun sets earlier in the Winter months
  • They have decreased reflexes
  • They are driving in the most populated places (malls, beach, restaurants)
  • Not courteous

What to look out driving with snowbirds in South Florida

Snowbirds have a tendency to:

  • Make unsafe lane changes
  • Fail to yield the right of way
  • Drive slowly – especially when merging into traffic
  • Stop abruptly at yellow lights – as they have difficulty judging distances
  • Reverse into vehicles in parking lots


Additionally, snowbirds are more likely to be involved in a “hit and run” accident, as they may not realize they got into a car accident.

If you are involved in a car accident involving an elderly individual or snowbird, it is crucial you call 911 to memorialize the accident and take pictures of the damage to both vehicles.

Make sure you obtain their auto insurance information and seek medical treatment.

Although snowbirds are poor drivers, they oftentimes have excellent auto insurance with high bodily injury limits.

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