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Should I Hire A Male Or Female Attorney For My Divorce Case?


As a Broward County divorce attorney, I am surprised by the number of clients who are under the false impression that they should retain their divorce attorney based primarily on gender.

It makes no difference whether you hire a male or female divorce attorney.

Male or Female Divorce Attorney – does it matter?

Some clients believe that a man should retain a woman divorce attorney if the Judge is a woman and a woman should retain a man divorce attorney if the Judge is a man. Presumably, these clients feel that a Judge will be more sympathetic to their position (i.e. child support, alimony, etc.) if the Judge and the attorney are of the same gender.

Some men believe that they should retain a female divorce attorney to soften the harshness of their arguments against the woman, especially in cases involving time sharing, the woman’s decision not to work/homemaker, infidelity, etc.

Some woman believe that they should retain a man divorce attorney as men are more aggressive.  Conversely, some woman believe that they should retain a female divorce attorney, as female divorce attorneys are more sympathetic and law lyons synder collin, Plantation, FL 33324

Finally, some men and woman believe that a divorce attorney of their own gender will more zealously fight for their respective positions (i.e. increased time sharing, alimony) as their genders are aligned.

Simply put: there is very little merit to any of these arguments. An attorney’s gender is irrelevant to the Court and plays no part in [the Court’s] rulings. If an attorney tells you otherwise, they are playing off your fears and emotions.

Does Your Divorce Attorney Have Minor Children?

A more relevant inquiry is whether your divorce attorney has minor children – at least in cases where time sharing and child support is in issue. Theoretically,  an argument can be made that a divorce attorney with children (regardless of the attorney’s gender) may be better suited to sympathize with your position and make a more passionate argument to the Court.  In all fairness, even this inquiry pales in comparison to dozens of other factors a potential client should consider when hiring a divorce attorney.

The bottom line: a divorce attorney’s credentials (experience, trial history, awards, etc.)  and their personality and competence should take the utmost precedence in which divorce attorney you hire, not whether he/she has minor children and certainly not their gender.

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